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Ugento (Lecce), un rinvenimento da Specchia Artanisi. Gruppo di folles bizantini dell'XI secolo: ripostiglio 'da borsellino' o di 'emergenza'? (Abstract)

by Aldo Siciliano

The hoard was discovered during an archaeological excavation conducted in 2009 on the site of Specchia Artanisi (consisting of three large Bronze Age tumuli). Covered by small stones and earth, the coins were found outside of a container, in a space of a few centimeters and at a shallow depth. They consisted of 14 folles of the Eastern Empire, dated between 1042 and 1067/1070, half of which show signs of having been overstruck.

The burial of the hoard should be dated around 1070 or later: if it is an occasional loss, the date may be lowered significantly; however, if it is an emergency hoard, its burial may be linked to a time of immediate danger connected with the events of the conquest of Bari and southern Apulia by the Normans.

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